The Best Buenos Aires Wine Bars

Buenos Aires wine bars cover every neighborhood and unsurprisingly, they are a popular way to spend an evening out in the capital. After all, when people think of Argentina, beef and Malbec are the two top things that normally come to mind. Argentina is one of South America’s biggest wine producers and generally ranks as makes the ranks as fifth largest wine producer in the world. Join us as we ‘uncork’ the secrets of some of the best wine bars in Capital Federal. Keen to hop over and start sipping, pronto? Check out our Argentina tours  here.

What do we know about wine? There are thousands of varieties of grapes available, but according to Wine Folly – a well-respected educational wine blog – there are five main styles of wine: Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling, and Fortified. The main regions in Argentina that produce wine are Mendoza, San Juan, and La Rioja. Provinces such as Salta, Catamarca, and Rio Negro in the South also produce wine and are  gaining popularity in the Argentinian wine scene. Concha y Toro (the largest producer of wines in Latin America) recently reported that seven well-known sommeliers from the UK traveled to Argentina to put their grape where their mouth and they visited Mendoza to get discover what this region has to offer. So it’s clear that wines from Argentina have made it on the global map, and the country’s capital offers a great selection of spots to sample local tipples. Let’s take a look inside this city’s wine-scene and shine a light on some of the trendiest and most affordable wine bars in Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires wine bars Trova
Image: Taylor Trombley

Our first contender is in trendy Palermo, a famous district booming with new fresh musical talent, up-and-coming street art, and plenty of nightlife to last . . . well, all night! Palermo houses many travelers and expats, as it’s charm attracts those looking to get to know the city while still having plenty to do.  Trova Wine Bar is stylish and classic. It’s wood interior and modern architecture make you feel like you’ve stepped inside the cellar itself.

Trova serves a wide variety of Argentinean and international wines by the glass.  In addition to a Spanish tortilla (a Spanish omelette), the menu includes cheesy pizza, papas rusticas (potato wedges), a selection of picadas (appetizer board) and your fix for a full-fledged Argentinean dinner. The bar also offers a nibbles such as cheese plates to accompany your wine. Occasionally, they also have events such as the Feria de Vino, when professional sommeliers educate you while you  can sample over 100 varieties of wine while listening to live music. It’s simple math: a glass of Malbec + music + talking about wine = a great way to spend your evening.


Buenos Aires wine bars wine shop
Image: Taylor Trombley

Next up is Tierra Mendocina Vintoteca Vinos Wine Store in San Telmo. From the outside you only see a small and simple traditional wine store, and inside you  find won’t encounter extravagant or fancy designs. Wine is the focus and the bar provides a warm-and-familiar experience. This popular spot is one of the top rated spots in the city and is considered a ‘must visit’ to get the best of Mendoza outside of Mendoza. The prices, like the wines, range far and wide. You can enjoy a simple bottle of Malbec for 90ARS (USD $5) or a high-quality Merlot for 800ARS (USD $46). The bar also offers tastings every day of the week.

Buenos Aires wine bars bar du marche
Image: Taylor Trombley

We finish our roundup with an upscale option, Bar du Marché. Upon arrival, you get a delicate portion of Parisian style that transports you to France. What makes this wine bar special is that they carry both the best Argentinean wines they can find, but also offer wines from all over the world. Maybe you’re looking for a floral Braña Vieja rosé direct from Navarra, Spain; or a dry white from Glen Carlou, South Africa (Glen Carlou Quart Zone). Here, you don’t need a plane ticket to have a global wine tasting, just a couple of hours and few hundred argentine pesos.

They also offer a classic French menu for lunch. Craving smoked salmon on a freshly made baguette for lunch? Sure you are. After that, you can sink your sweet tooth into a crême brulée, and finish off with a rich café. There’s no excuse why you don’t have time to get the Parisian-in-Buenos Aires treatment you deserve!

  1. It’s always amazing to learn about a place or country through their wine. Would just love to go on a wine tasting tour in Argentina 😍

  2. I often read about and hear people complaining that there are not enough places that sell alcoholic beverages by the glass. Is Trova the only one of the three that does so?

  3. Ooh, I love wine bars! These all sound amazing and so much fun. I love being able to try wines from a few different countries in a night – makes you feel like you’re on a trip even when you’re in your hometown!

  4. I am a huge wine appreciator but I don’t go to wine bars often enough. Sadly there are none in the area where I live, but I like to always have a few bottles to enjoy at home. I like this feature of exploring Buenos Aires, wine bar hopping sounds like a very nice way to experience tha city’s vibe and appreciate the local wine production. I think I have never sampled an Argenitine wine, so I should head to my local wine shop and pick up a bottle soon! I’ve been stoked on South African lately, but I should definitely explore some more… from my home, until the day I make it to actual Buenos Aires!

  5. Wine Bars are my favourite because wine is my favourite drink. 😛 Whenever I plan a trip, the first thing I do make a list of is not the restaurants, but the bars where I can drink my wine and be merry. Love this list!

  6. I love wine and seek out the best wine bars wherever I go so I really appreciated this post. I have bookmarked this post if I ever get the chance to head to Argentina…fingers crossed.

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